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SunwiseChem’s R&D team is formed upon its continuous focus on quality control and its high attention to pharmaceutical/pesticides and new materials industry. Its R&D team helps SunwiseChem enhance its overall competence by providing customers innovative technology and value added services.

SunwiseChem’s R&D team provides services including: 
◇ Testing and analysis 
◇ Custom synthesis and production 
◇ Process optimization and technical consultancy

The R&D team performs reactions including Acylation with FC, Alkalescence Elimination, Alkylation with FC, Amination, Chlorization, Deoxidization, Dihydroxylation, Deoxidization with LAH, Epoxidation, Esterification, Ethinylation, Fluorination, Formylation with VM, Grignard Reaction, Halogen Exchange Reaction, Hydrotreating Reaction, Iodination, Methanesulfonation, Nitration, Oxidization, Phosgenation, Phosphorylation, Reaction with CO2, Substitution Reaction with NaCN, Sulfuration and so on.

Among which, we’re specialized in:
◇ Fluorination
◇ Oxidation
◇ Halogen Exchange

For more information about R&D and custom synthesis services, please send us an email at sales@sunwisechem.com